How To Crack Group Discussion

“I started my GD preparation seriously only after the NIFT results. I used to read the newspapers and articles from various websites and magazines. But, an aspirant shouldn’t wait for results to be out to begin the preparation. Preparation for GD should begin at this very moment, because the earlier we start, the better.”

There are two vital criteria one should keep in mind while preparing for GD.

1 Knowledge: It is very essential. Knowing about current affairs helps one accumulate points that can be put forward in GD. It would also help the aspirant come up with points to chip in when the GD is not going in right direction or when there is no different aspect to GD that can be provided.

2. Communication: Just knowing the topic won’t help in a good performance. The importance of GD is communicating what you know. So listening and putting across the points in an understandable manner is equally important.

3.Try to listen others

4.Analyze your body gestures

5.Speak confidently

How To crack Personal Interview

“The interview began with the clichéd questions on “Why NIFT?” And how will the carrier path go. The interview mostly had questions related to my interests and hobbies and what I expect to learn from NIFT”


Q What can be toughest area for you to answer?
A . The toughest area to answer during interview can be the initial part, where the professors try to confuse you regarding the reasoning you had for pursuing MFM/NIFT and had a lot of cross questions on the same.

Q. What were the key factors which can influence your selection
A. be confident in the end for the answers you give and apart from the starting part, don’t get stuck at any questions and answer questions asked related to your hobbies and interests properly.

Q advice to aspirants for Personal Interview
A. Be confident. Prepare the generally asked questions properly and be honest about your opinions. Be aware of your surroundings and what’s going in the world and in India. Have your own opinions formed and be confident and firm on your stand taken. Learn to drive your interview to your areas you are strong in and make sure you know well about yourself, key interests and other relevant details mentioned in the form. Never ever lie in an interview as the professors are really smart and will get to know in a moment and will cross question you a lot until they find some discrepancies.

Q How you prepare for your PI? When and how an aspirant should seriously start preparing for PI?
Ans Getting the first hand experience of what you are about to face is always good. start preparing the common questions that can be asked related to current affairs, personal questions, experience questions and academics based questions as early as possible.


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