About Vamshi Institute of Fine Art & Design

About Vamshi Institute of Fine Art & Design

    Vamshi Institute of Fine Arts & Design (VIFAD). Is India's leading test-prep institute focussing at design,Art & Architecture Entrance Examination. Established in 2010,Vamshi institute of Fine Arts & design has given successful results throughout.

    Every now and then we face numerous questions asked by students and Parents as they are very much confused about the word called DESIGN.Our answer is very simple -"People think that artists and designers are the same kind of professionals.In some points there are similarities between those two professions,but at the end the message that is sent is completely different. The basic note of differentiation is that designers design,construct and built,however artists create, express and imagine. Designers make brochures,flyers, postcards or business cards etc, however artists indulge in painting, sketching and making sculptures. The thing that goes with artists and designers both is that both individuals are equally skilled and talented, as skill and talent is something that is inevitable in both professions.

    Following the same node Vamshi Institute of Fine Arts & Design in providing its services in wider scale through 2 year / 1 year / short term classes and Postal Programs to crack the entrance examination of leading design schools like NID, NIFT,CEED & UCEED . More over be provide exclusive programmes to crack NATA and JEE-PAPER 2.

    Apart we provide classroom programmes for top ranking design colleges like UID,WUD,ARCH Academy,Swami Vivekanand University,Parul University,TDV,ISDI,MIT,FDDI, and other premiere design schools. With the curriculum designed from experts from NID,NIFT and Art College alumni we at Vamshi Institute of Fine Arts & Design give overall preview to crack the entrance exam successfully.

    We honestly consider our principles as supreme and try to observe these principles both in letter and in spirit at all times-Provide the highest quality education to students more than what we promise them,Act in the best interests of students at all times.