As a family member, you are vitally important to your student's success at Vamshi Institute of Fine Arts & Design. You will continue to serve as an important source of information, guidance, and advice for your student throughout the college years.

We expect that your student is prepared to handle their new responsibilities as a college student. We want you to be aware of the expectations that we will be communicating to each student, and ask for your support in reinforcing these expectations.

We expect students to act as responsible adults. This implies that students use time management skills, to ensure they attend all classes, fully prepared and on time.

We expect students to register for classes with the assistance of the professional academic advisors only, and not their parents or family members. It is our goal for students to build a relationship with their advisors as well as learn the necessary skills to register on their own in future terms.

We recognize the importance of communication between family members and you still have a considerable amount of influence with your student.

By talking with and listening to your student, you can offer information, support and guidance.

We encourage you to talk with you student about what it means to take on these adult responsibilities, your expectations for his or her behavior at orientation and during the term, and your expectations for how your student will keep you informed about his or her experience.

By discussing these expectations, you can help ensure that you and your student fully understand the expectations of the community.


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